This glossary for the Rhiannon McBride Trilogy will be updated after the release of each book.

However, to get you started, here’s a brief mention of some of the unique flora and fauna of Álnair, the various magic charms in use, along with various terms mentioned in the books.


Rare flowering plant located in Aidan Desert.
Uses: Specialised healing potions.
Description: Red stems, small white flowers shaped like bells, and green leaves with prickles.
Common flowering plant located in the Valley of Dreams.
Uses: The flowers are used to create powerful sedatives that have a debilitating effect on people.
Description: Blue stems, yellow bulb flowers, and no leaves.
Herb plant with incredible healing properties located in the undergrowth of Finbar and Shaimar Forest.
Uses: Powdered root will thin blood in humans and calm the mind.
Description: Brown root, green stem and leaves.


There are several species with the oldest being the Ancient Dragons. More details will come after the release of Rhiannon McBride & the Dragon’s Cup.
Strange looking creature that’s almost a combination of a badger and a rabbit. The face is that of a badger as are it’s back legs and tail but it has long ears, whiskers and it’s front legs are those of a rabbit but with hidden sharp claws. They are the best burrowers and trackers and live off plants and small animals. Like normal badgers they will go to any lengths to avenge a wrong done to them, be it by another animal or human. Normal habitat: forest.
Small brown creature with slick fur, slanted eyes, short bushy tail and an ever quivering nose seeking out new treasure. Infamous for stealing a person’s belongings (mainly shining metal and jewels) even whilst the person is in the room. Live off nuts and fruits mainly although they do enjoy the occasional field mouse.

Magic Charms

To send a person reeling.
To free/release from restraint.
To slow a person’s movements – similar to being immersed in tar.


The three people who preside over the Pelatarrof and High Council in the Praeterium.

Official Court of Álnair. Presides over serious legal matters. Officials are taken from the High Council.
Governing body presiding over affairs of state. Members are councillors (brown robes) with more senior ones attaining the rank of chancellor (dark green robes).


Home of the O’Faenart family, the Royal House of Valieoth.
Hazardous mountain range. Highest peak is Mount Solus.
Pub near Valieoth Castle.

General Terms

Ancient language of the dragons.

Language of the Mórska (merfolk).
The ability to see past and future events.