I would have been completely lost without these fantastic people! They help bring my work to you, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Gail Tagarro

My brilliant editor.

I was fortunate to discover Gail when searching for an accredited editor. She skilfully takes a red pen to my manuscripts and helps me refine them to a polished finish.

Along with her superb editorial skills, Gail offers various programs to assist authors at all stages of their writing. Visit her webpage to check out what assistance she can offer you with your own writing, or simply to find out more about her.


Maddie Egremont

My talented illustrator for the Middle Grade edition of my
Rhiannon McBride Trilogy. Front cover

Maddie reached out to me during my search for an artist to do some internal illustrations for my book. She sent me a sample of one of the scenes I wanted and I was so impressed I immediately engaged her.

Here is the sample so you understand why I was so eager to have her on my team! It depicts Rhiannon going to mount Arastar the dragon while David hands her his gloves. Click to enlarge image.


Visit Maddie’s website to see her other works.


Peter Turner

My other gifted illustrator who also dabbled in cartography.

I am fortunate to have several artistic brothers. I approached my brother Peter when I needed a darker edge to some illustrations of the villain in the Rhiannon McBride Trilogy. Peter also took my hand-drawn maps and created electronic versions of them.

You can see samples of Peter’s artistic creations at


Uwe Jarling

My book cover designer for the Young Adult edition of my
Rhiannon McBride Trilogy. Rhiannon McBride

Uwe is a skilled creator of book covers with an extensive portfolio. I was extremely lucky to find him when seeking an artist to design a more mature cover for an older audience.

You can browse through Uwe’s beautiful covers at